5 Tips To Keep Your Eastvale Home Easily Maintained

Graham & Kelly Levine June 6, 2013

yearly maintenance on your Eastvale homeEven though the calendar says we still have a few weeks left, anyone that has looked at the thermometer knows- Summer is here! And this is the perfect time of year to address any preventative maintenance your Eastvale home may need. This checklist is a great place to start, and will probably only take a couple weekends to complete. Taking care of maintenance as it comes up isn't just good for your home, its good for your pocketbook. Catching things early can prevent a bigger, and often more expensive, problem in the future.  

5 Tips To Maintaining Your Eastvale Home

  1. A yearly inspection of your HVAC system should keep air flowing nicely through your home, at the temperature you prefer. You can do this yourself or hire a professional to make it easy. At the very least, change the air filter (this really should be done monthly).
  2. Evaluate the siding, particularly if it is wood, on your home. Repair any that has been exposed to moisture before it becomes a larger issue and complete any needed painting while the weather is warm.
  3. Check the slant and grade of the ground around your Eastvale home. It should flow away from the foundation, not towards it, to avoid flooding and puddles during storms.
  4. Consider pruning plants and determining the health of large trees to avoid future problems.
  5. Review your roof, attic, crawl space, basement, and fireplace chimney, making sure all pieces and parts are securely attached to avoid leaks and further damage.
Checking over these areas in your Eastvale home and making any necessary repairs will allow to enjoy your weekends more this summer and take advantage of any available sunshine! Enjoy the warm weather! If you need a little assistance with any of your projects, stop by your local Eastvale Home Depot, they should have everything you need and more, to keep your home properly maintained. For more information on Eastvale real estate, the housing market, and homes for sale- contact Graham and The Home Team at (951) 534-9296, or email us.

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