Drought Tolerant Landscaping Ideas for Riverside Home Owners

Graham & Kelly Levine May 1, 2014

Riverside Home Landscaping IdeasBuying a new house is exciting! Most people have the decor and landscaping planned before the ink is dry on the contract for their Riverside home- and for good reason! But in the excitement of buying and decorating your new home, remember to plan for the long-term when you start landscaping. With the recent widespread drought problems throughout Riverside and the Inland Empire, installing sustainable, drought-tolerant landscaping saves water, and ensures your efforts will survive season to season. Saving you both time and money. What to Keep and What to Remove Making your landscaping impervious to drought does not always mean ripping out everything. For example, if you have large trees, do your best to keep them, since they supply a shade canopy for your Riverside home- conserving energy. In addition, they provide a protective habitat to native birds and other wildlife, and a cover for other plants. For the most drought tolerant option, consider removing your turf grass. A standard lawn requires constant watering to stay green. Replacing just part of your Riverside home's lawn with a rock garden interspersed with native plants and ground cover can reduce your water bill and increase your environmentally responsible footprint. What to Plant For the best results, plant species native to Riverside. Finding the right plant is not difficult thanks to websites like Plant Native that list regional plants, and the nurseries that can supply you with the right species and give you expert advice. In addition, they provide lists of community service organizations that offer classes and tutorials on local flora. Other places to find information include local universities, plant nurseries and garden shops. UCR has an amazing agricultural department, and Parkview Nursery is a great local nursery, with staff that is experienced with Riverside's climate, and unique plant needs. Another great Riverside resource is the Western Municipal Water District's Water Efficiency Garden. It has some great ideas for drought resistant gardens, and is open to tour seven days a week. Add Ground Cover Removing turf and non-native plants that require consistent watering is just part of the process. Covering exposed ground with lava rock and mulch helps it retain water and reduces erosion. Consider installing ground cloth under your rock and mulch to reduce weed growth and retain additional moisture. According to the University of Ohio, property mulching reduces the soil temperature and adds nutrients to the soil, making existing plants more drought tolerant and less susceptible diseases, or to attacks by insects. Try Compost Adding compost to your soil before you mulch increases the likelihood that the rain or irrigation waters absorb into the soil rather than running off. According to the Arboretum and Public Garden at UC Davis, composting is second only to mulching to save water and improve drought survival. Update Your Irrigation System An old or faulty irrigation system wastes precious water and costs money both in increased utility bills and lost landscaping, so have it inspected to be sure it is operating properly. Make sure to water according to the landscaping and soil, including less frequently on clay soils since they store water, and more frequently at smaller amounts for sandy soils. Install modern smart technology controls that automatically sense rainfall and other conditions, and adjust both the water amount and watering frequency. Consider using a grey-water irrigation system that uses water from your household sinks, tubs, showers and washing machines to water your landscaping. Since this water is not exposed to toilet waste, it generally is beneficial to plant life if combined with biodegradable soap and detergent use. Proper landscaping increases your Riverside home's value and curb appeal. We can help you find local professionals to advise you on the best drought tolerant ideas for your landscaping. For more information on Riverside real estate, the housing market, and homes for sale- contact Graham and The Home Team at (951) 534-9296, or email us.

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