Graham and The Home Team- #1 Real Estate Team in Jurupa Valley, 2016

Graham & Kelly Levine March 22, 2021

We are so proud, and so honored, to announce that Graham and The Home Team was the #1 real estate team in Jurupa Valley, in 2016. We work hard to make sure our clients receive the best possible service, through constant innovation, in depth market and neighborhood knowledge, and a focus that borders on obsession on a singular goal- to get you the absolute highest price for your home.

Our team did well in 2016- but our clients succeed too (and that’s the success we are most proud of!)

Houses in Jurupa Valley sold, on average, after 62 days on the market. Our listings closed on average, after only 38 days. Our listings sold in almost half the time it took other agents in the area. That’s great for our clients, but the next question is usually- “What did it sell for?” Great question- selling fast, if you leave money on the table, is no good. We are excited to say that the average listing sold at around 98% of list price, while we averaged almost 100% of list price; 99.99%, to be exact. That doesn’t sound like a big difference, but with an average sales price in the city of $388,000, it’s a savings of over $4,000!

What about our buyers? How did they do in 2016? We are proud to say our buyers are now living in their dream home, after having written only one offer, on average. We have all heard horror stories of families writing offer, after offer, after offer- with no success. Well, not our clients. We get laser focused on what they want, and when we find the right house together- we are ruthless in getting them their home. Whether it is getting a home at the right price, or finding the perfect spot and getting in before the holidays- whatever our clients objectives were, we are happy to say we got the job done.

In real estate it’s easy to claim that you are #1 in this or that, but we are proud to have solid data, (and 100s of raving fans!) to back up our claims. Curious what our area knowledge, negotiation prowess and marketing skills could do for you? Give us a call- we would love to show you everything our team does to ensure satisfied clients, every time.


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