How Buying a Home is Like Finding the Perfect Shoe

Graham & Kelly Levine April 24, 2012

The adage “one shoe fits all” does not work when buying home.  It doesn’t work when shoe shopping, either, for that matter!  Homes, like shoes, are very personal, and often emotionally-based purchases. Try as they might to create a home that will meet every need and every taste, home builders are aware that it just can’t be done.  As with shoes, versatility lies in key components - simple design, elegant tones, and a combination of shine, style and comfort. As with your shoe purchase, buying a home requires you to consider what is most important to you and your future plans.
  • Open design vs. cozy comfort?
  • Modern storage options vs. vintage style?
  • Planned, pre-designed landscaping vs. creative gardening?
  • Modular vs. eclectic structure?
You should also consider how and who will be using the home.  Should it be tailored to you or is it an investment property?
  • Primary residence or vacation home?
  • Adults only? Adults and pets? Adults, children and pets? Renters?  College students?
  • Will it be used to entertain often and is parking sufficient?  Do you need a guest room?
Of course, there are many other questions to be considered, so take your time with your home purchase. Enjoy the journey as you find the home that is the perfect fit for you and your circumstances. And when you find the home that makes you want to click your heels so you can return?  Make an offer!  As to shoes?  If the shoe fits... buy it in every color!    

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