Loving Your Home Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Graham & Kelly Levine November 6, 2012

Love Your Home Now To Make Selling Later Easier“What can I do to get my home ready?” This question is often posed when someone is ready to sell a home, but it doesn’t have to be. Making your home repairs and upgrades as needed can actually lead to a happier home owning lifestyle and will also mean that you are ready to go, when and if, it is time to sell your home. Home improvements can be costly, but they don’t have to be. There are many projects that can be done inexpensively and relatively quickly that will deliver huge value. Take for instance, paint.  Painting a room or the front door of your home instantly brightens that space and can bring a smile to your face whenever you enter the area. While painting can be labor intensive, the actual material cost is quite low, with a gallon of high quality paint costing less than $35. Painting the outside elements of your home, whether it’s the trim, stucco or fencing, will bring that same joy every time you return or leave your home, as well. And, for exterior walls, painting may actually be more than you need - it’s amazing what power washing can do to illuminate your home! The same could be said for installing additional lighting to your landscaping. Small exterior painting and lighting projects can be done for under $350 and deliver results you can instantly see! Perhaps you feel the interior of your home is dated and cramped and would prefer a more open design. If so, you can take on a slightly bigger project and remove a wall or convert an existing wall to a half wall. Check with a contractor to make sure you aren’t removing a bearing wall beforehand, as that could result in a more costly project than originally intended. Another option would be to build or install built in organization systems in your home so that you have more “homes” for your stuff, or better yet, just reduce the amount of stuff you already have. The adage "less is more" will really have you appreciating the space created through clutter removal. Installing new windows, a tank-less hot water heater, an outdoor eating area, and adding insulation or other energy efficient home items can also improve your satisfaction as a home owner and increase your home’s perceived value when it’s time to sell. These upgrades may initially cost more, however with rebates and available tax credits, may be a very worthwhile expense for your home. No matter what projects, if any, you decide to do with your home, the key is to enjoy it.  Enjoy it now, enjoy it later, and enjoy the memories that owning your home will allow you to create in the far distant future.  Your home is part of living the American Dream and you need to make sure your dream is the best it can be!

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