Enjoy the Luck of the Irish When Selling Your Riverside Home

Graham & Kelly Levine March 14, 2013

St Patrick's Day and Selling Your Riverside HomeSt Patrick's Day is a time for laughter, tradition and celebrating good fortune, so if you happen to be selling your Riverside home, this could be a great day for you! In honor of this fun-loving holiday, we're sharing some tips to help you and your home as you embrace the luck of the Irish!

Top 10 Lucky Do's & Dont's in the Selling of Your Riverside Home

  1. DO wear green or risk being pinched.
  2. DO make sure your home is clean for potential buyers using scent-free, "green" cleaning solutions, but do not feel that you need to repaint or redecorate your home for the holiday.
  3. DO stage your home to make it appealing for your buyer (no Leprechaun tricks, please).
  4. DO NOT leave a pot of gold abandoned in a closet or the front entry of your home.
  5. DO mow your lawn and perform landscaping before your home is toured. While shamrocks and four-leaf clovers can be lucky, an unkept lawn will likely not be seen as fortunate.
  6. DO NOT ask your real estate professional to sing or dance a jig. It won't get your home sold any faster unless you live in Ireland, like this real estate agent, and even then it's questionable.
  7.  DO eat corned beef & cabbage, if family tradition dictates.
  8.  DO NOT prepare corned beef & cabbage in your home if potential buyers will be stopping by. Home scents are very powerful and while your traditional fare may be delicious, others may find the aroma makes them feel a little green.
  9.  DO offer snacks and refreshments if hosting an open house on St. Patrick's Day.
  10.  DO NOT suggest green beer as the beverage of choice no matter how much you want to sell your home.
We hope these tips are helpful, or at the very least, make you chuckle! May the luck of the Irish smile upon you, and bless you with a quick, and rewarding sale!! If you find though, that luck alone doesn't do it, and you need a little help from a local real estate professional, give us a call- we'd be happy to help!! For more information on the Riverside housing market, real estate, and homes for sale- contact Graham and The Home Team at (951)534-9296, or email us.

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