Sell Your Riverside Home with an Open House

Graham & Kelly Levine February 20, 2013

Sell Your Riverside Home with an Open HouseIf you are looking for a way to sell your Riverside home, you'll want to stage an open house. Less inventory in the housing market means more exposure for your home so now is the prime time to show it off! Individual showings work, too, but a properly advertised and dressed open house can result in more people talking about your home and led to it getting sold that much quicker! Part of getting the word out about your open house revolves around you, as the home seller. As you share with neighbors, co-workers, and even Facebook friends the news of your upcoming open house, they will get excited, too, and share the information with potential buyers. We, as your agents, take extra steps to get the word out about your home too. We hand deliver invitations to your immediate neighbors, put up directional signs leading prospective buyers straight to your home, and use our website, and social media channels to broadcast the open house to our current and past clients, and other area agents. The positive peer pressure of knowing that you have "told" others about your home will prompt you to take care and "stage" it so that your friends and potential buyers will be impressed, as well. Your home needs to look it's best for the open house, so be sure to follow any tips you've been given on preparation on staging for the event. One of the keys to hosting an open house that produces results is having a knowledgeable real estate agent at your side. You need someone who can differentiate your home from all other recent sales and explain why comparably your home is a better value.

What can you do to have a successful open house for your home?

Our best tip is to hire a real estate agent who knows how to sell homes who will be physically present at your open house. Home buying offers are made at open houses on a regular basis and you need someone who will ask the right questions to open that possibility. Secondly, think of your open house as a premier party opportunity and act accordingly.
  1. Clean it up - A messy home does not show well to individuals or groups of buyers.
  2. Tell everyone - A little self promotion goes a long way in home sales.
  3. Show it off - Make sure you have flyers and for sale signage out front (balloons are a great idea, too).
  4. Park elsewhere - Leave your driveway and curb open so your home is easy to see.
  5. Think snacks - Home buying can be stressful and a welcome treat can make a buyer feel at home.
  6. Illuminate your home - Turn on lights, open draperies and blinds and let your home be seen!

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