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Woodcrest, in Riverside CA is largely an equestrian community with many of its residences owning ranches and horses. However many new housing developments are being built in Woodcrest due to the increasing population of Riverside.

The Woodcrest area was initially populated by dry land grain farmers in the late 19th century. In 1905 the first subdivision, the Oak Glen Tract, was created. The House Heights tract was formed in April, 1924, and in May the Fertile Acres tract was created near the current Washington Street and Van Buren intersection. In February, 1926, the first of five subdivisions with the name Woodcrest Acres was formed, and Woodcrest was the name subsequently given to the post office that was established later that year. Although the post office was closed in 1936, the Woodcrest name continued to be used to refer to the area from then on.

Water in the Woodcrest area became more affordable after the voters of Riverside, Corona, Elsinore and surrounding unincorporated areas approved the formation of the Western Municipal Water District in 1955. Landowners began diversifying agriculture in the area. Although citrus groves within Riverside city limits were on the decline, groves in the Woodcrest area began to expand.

Beginning in the 1980s population pressures and the availability of cheaper land resulted in the decline of agriculture in the Woodcrest area. Today most orange groves in Woodcrest have given way to development. The citrus industry that was the foundation of Riverside and surrounding communities has nearly disappeared.

source: wikipedia.com

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