• Indian Hills

    Indian Hills

    Indian Hills is a quiet, charming community, nestled in and around the Indian Hills Golf Course, which is where it got its name. The golf course was built in 1965, and housing development soon followed; with a major development being…Read More >>

  • Victoria and Hawarden Hills

    Victoria and Hawarden Hills

    Victoria Victoria, in Riverside, CA, was originally part of the Arlington Heights subdivision, is an old and historic neighborhood and was partly developed by Matthew Gage. The streets flow with the land, following the natural contours, and the varying house…Read More >>

  • Canyon Crest

    Canyon Crest

    Canyon Crest is one of the largest and most diverse neighborhoods in Riverside, CA. Its diversity is found both in its topography and in its residents. Canyon Crest was formed by six separate land annexations, all of which occurred between…Read More >>

  • Downtown and Historic Riverside

    Downtown and Historic Riverside

    The Downtown Neighborhood is more than just the heart of Riverside; it is also the cultural and urban hub of the Inland Empire. No other place in the Inland Empire has the diversity offered by Downtown Riverside in so compact…Read More >>

  • Orangecrest


    The Orangecrest neighborhood, in Riverside, CA, got it’s name from its citrus-oriented past where much of the area was utilized for citrus fruit production until as recently as the early 1980’s. The neighborhood is a relatively new addition to the…Read More >>

  • Woodcrest


    Woodcrest, in Riverside CA is largely an equestrian community with many of its residences owning ranches and horses. However many new housing developments are being built in Woodcrest due to the increasing population of Riverside. The Woodcrest area was initially…Read More >>