Finding Your Home Taking Too Long?

Graham & Kelly Levine January 17, 2013

The Right Agent Can Find You Your HomeSeasoned home buyers and first time home buyers have something in common. It may take a while to find your home. In fact it could take months. According to the 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, a report compiled by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR), the average home buyer spends twelve weeks or almost three months in their home search and considered ten homes. While that may seem like a short length of time to some, most home buyers are anxious to move the process along. Working with a seasoned, local real estate agent can help you to do just that. The benefits of using your neighborhood agent as a resource are multiple and many are outlined below.
  1. A local agent knows neighborhoods.
  2. A local agent has MLS access, but often has tips on preview properties that are not yet listed.
  3. A local agent has already toured area homes and can lead to you to the one that best suits you.
  4. A local agent canvasses community homes and may know of homeowners who are considering selling their home and need a reason, YOU.
  5. A local agent understands your neighborhood market AND current pricing trends.
  6. A local agent has a wealth of community resources and contacts.
  7. A local agent is easy to find and review online, making it easy to ask others about how quickly they found their home and how hard their agent worked to get it.
  8. A local agent is easy to meet so you can get your questions answered.
Click here to read other tips suggested by the Federal Trade Commission on how to select a real estate professional to represent you and your home needs and then call us.  Our team of local agents can find you new your home.

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