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Graham & Kelly Levine February 10, 2013

Project ideas for your homeThe housing market has been buzzing in the last six months, and the news is not always about buying and selling your home. Sometimes, the news just gives you something pretty to look at and dream about, and maybe even implement in your home. What websites do you like to visit when you are looking for ideas on decorating, remodeling, and enhancing your home and backyard? We have a few that we go to constantly- to keep up on the latest decorating trends, to get some great ideas on staging our listings, or to implement in our own home. Zillow just launched a new element for your home dreaming list, featuring both interior and exterior home photos called Zillow Digs. You'll find images that you can share and save as well as local contractors who can assist you in getting those projects completed! It's pretty inspiring and may remind you of Ideabooks in Technology has made home remodeling and design much easier and now, rather than needing to attend a home show to get your inspiration, you can view finished projects from the comfort of your own home. Other popular online sources of inspiration stem from Pinterest and the list included below. Enjoy taking a break to think about your home and the possibilities that exist while you click on each.

Here's our Top 5 "Go to" List of Websites Where You Can Get Fun Ideas for Your Home:

Houzz.comZillow DigsHGTV.comApartment Don’t forget to create idea books of your own, using tools like Evernote, and Pinterest, and please- share them with us!! We would love to see what you are planning, and dreaming about.

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