Holiday Housekeeping and Your Home

Graham & Kelly Levine November 27, 2012

Hire someone to clean your home this seasonIs a clean house on your list for Santa this year? If not, it may be worth considering since time just seems to evaporate this time of year.  Between attending community and work socials, school events for children, and family gatherings, it seems there is little chance to enjoy the season while still keeping up with tasks related to maintaining your home. Perhaps you feel guilty having someone else clean your home.  If this is the case, consider the many other jobs you outsource during the holidays, from dining away from home to babysitting or gift wrapping services, and recognize that it is allowable to treat yourself to a more relaxed and festive end of the year, through hiring someone to clean your home for you this December.

Some Tips to Consider When Hiring Someone to Clean Your Home

  1. Ask for a Referral - Whether you hire based on a recommendation of a good friend or your Realtor, quality matters in housekeeping so you want to make sure someone you trust feels confident in the ability of your cleaning crew.
  2. Define the Tasks - Depending on your home, the amount and type of cleaning will vary.  Be specific about any requests related to vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, dishwashing, window cleaning, laundry services, bed making, and other tasks so that your needs will be met accordingly.
  3. Consider the Details - Ask about bonding, licensure, screening, and training and be present at the first cleaning to ease your comfort level, if needed.  Point out areas needing special care or that will not be accessible and offer explanations, as warranted.
  4. Determine Price & Supply Needs - Negotiate the price of your cleaning prior to the work being done.  Keep in mind that you have several options, from one-time service to weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and live-in cleaning options and will typically see a discount in rates with more frequent cleaning.  Also ask if you need to provide anything (vacuum, cleaning supplies, etc), since many services bring their own supplies.
  5. Ask for Clarity - Once you've determined the work to be done and agreed on a price, ask what you can expect.  Will you be having one person or a crew cleaning your home?  Will they return on the same day and time each visit?  Will the crew rotate or can you expect to see the same cleaner(s) each time?  How is payment to be made and do you need to be present while the cleaning is being done?
Then, sit back and relax knowing that one of the stresses of the holiday season has been delegated.  Go out and have some fun and then enjoy returning to your home, your newly cleaned and sparkling home, that is!  

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