5 Ways To Help Keep Your Jurupa Valley Home Safe While on Vacation

Graham & Kelly Levine July 9, 2013

Keep Your Jurupa Valley Home Safe While on VacationSummer is here! Which also means it's Summer vacation time! With kids out of school, and great weather just begging you to get outdoors, the Jurupa Valley summer vacation season is definitely in high gear. Going away is fun and exciting! But worrying that your home is secure, isn't. There are a few quick and easy preventative steps you can take, to ensure that your home is safe, while you are gone. You'll find that being prepared and aware of potential risks makes for a better vacation and a much nicer homecoming.

5 Things To Remember When Vacationing Away From Your Jurupa Valley Home

-You cannot control your level of visibility entirely once you leave. If you post to social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram while on vacation you may be putting your Jurupa Valley home at risk. Sharing vacation photos are an obvious way of showing that you are away. That could create an easier target for thieves. -Lock it up. From windows and doggie doors, to gates and garage doors, the security of your Jurupa Valley home requires diligence on your part. Don't let the rush of leaving for vacation make you forget to batten down the hatches throughout your home. -Ask for some help. Set up or join a neighborhood watch at USA on Watch or call the Jurupa Valley Sheriff's Station to see if they can put your home on "vacation monitoring" while you are away. -Consider installing an alarm or timed lighting system prior to your vacation. Both can deter possible intruders. -Truly vacation while away and plan a day to get organized when you get back. Placing your mail and delivery services on hold while you are away is critical, too. 4-5 newspapers or forgotten packages on your porch signal to everyone that something is amiss. Plus, having planned an extra day to recover from your travel to go through mail and grocery shop may also allow you time for the first tip mentioned... post your awesome vacation photos to social media! For more information on Jurupa Valley real estate, the housing market, and homes for sale- contact Graham and The Home Team at (951)534-9296, or email us.

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