Selling Your Eastvale Home “As-Is”

Graham & Kelly Levine June 18, 2013

Selling Your Eastvale Home "As-Is"Have you decided to sell your Eastvale home, but are overwhelmed with the repairs you may need to do? You are in luck! The market is such, that many homeowners are able to sell, and fetch a premium price, without making any repairs at all. The lack of inventory, and the frenzy among buyers may just help you sell your home, without making any repairs, or "as-is." An "as-is" home sale proposition releases home sellers from liabilities and repairs stemming from the home's condition post-sale. That doesn't mean a prospective buyer can't request an inspection. It just means that the seller is not responsible for whatever the buyer discovers in that inspection. So if the inspection reveals issues, you can still sell your Eastvale home. If the Eastvale home in question is a foreclosure, home buyers may be able to negotiate repairs a little more easily with a bank, particularly as they relate to safety hazards. Recently though, most of the homes sold in Eastvale have been standard sales. As of 06/18/2013 14 homes have sold in the month of June, and all but 2 of them were standard sales. Regular, or standard, home sales or short sales are often a different story. Time is generally a motivating factor and multiple offers may speed the process. Home sellers offering a good price are not going to want to do needed repairs if they can sell the property "as-is" to an anxious buyer. Check local statutes and discuss them with an established real estate agent that is familiar with the Eastvale area, to determine what you must disclose about your home, before deciding to sell. If you question the integrity of some area of your home, an "as-is" sale may be just the thing! For more information on Eastvale real estate, the housing market, and homes for sale- contact Graham and The Home Team at (951)534-9296, or email us.

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